Some details about our products...

Why our buttons are so special?

With no boubt Wooden buttons are hundreds, in Buttonpic we try to innovate and for that we let our imagination fly away until the point that makes our goods different.

We experiment with several materials, we turn design creating the illusion of 3D with superimposed pieces and create to the maximum to achieve your astonishment in your face.

But if you want to know more we tell you ...

When happiness, excellence, quality and your work are the same Thing


We love doing what we do...

In fact, we adore it. Why?

Well, because it allows us to develop our imagination, it makes us happy to see our products

in our clients projects and gives us the possibility to have contact with wonderful people who value

love and create crafts ...

Crafts is what we have dedicated ourselves for more than twenty years ...



Our team

  • Alba decorates and paints with her brushes, obtaining that unique touch of handmade products
  • Horacio is in charge of computers & laser management, also preparing the raw material (sanding, basic painting and barnish), to prepare the buttons.
  • Marcela is responsible of design & creation of products, also the painting and much more, our products have lots of love in its preparation because of her.


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