Frecuently Asked Questions | ButtonPic - Botones Artesanales en Madera

In Buttonpic we like to speak clear... And as we know sometimes, products like ours generate some doubts in our customers, we´ve decided to answer the questions that we usually hear when we deal with you in stores, fairs, social networks ...

We hope to solve some of your most frequent doubts...

Frequently Asked Questions

1What kind of wood do we use?

We use poplar plywood (POPULUS TRÉMULA), for food use. Also sometimes and for certain buttons on request we make them in Chestnut Wood, Oak, or Pine (Castanea sativa-Quercus Robur-Abies Alba). All the woods come from sustainable plantations.
2With what type of paint are painted?

For the painting and finishing of our products we only use materials that are environmentally friendly, water soluble and free from harmful toxins.
3Where does the raw material come from?

All our products are made with raw materials from and manufactured in the EUROPEAN UNION, made by producers that comply with current regulations regarding the components of each one of them.
4Research, development & design

All items are designed and manufactured by hand by BUTTONPIC team, we do not use images of other authors or designers (with the exception of our collaborators).

Research and development of new products is based on these premises:

1 - You, our customers, have asked for it.

2 - We evaluate the viability of such design and it development.

3 - We investigate all materials that can be used.

4 - All materials must come from the European Union.

5 - The materials must be harmless to people and the environment.

5Can our products be washed?

Yes can be washed by hand and in cold water.

Wood is a living material, so we recommend using soaps for delicate clothes.

Although as we prepare our products to be submerged in water, they must be kept in logical parameters for cleaning, if was not necessary to wash the piece, gently apply a damp cloth for hygiene.

6Are your products "ARTISANS"?

Yes, all our products are hand made one by one, even in the design process, the method is so artisan that many of our sketches are born in napkins or pieces of paper tablecloths from various European restaurants in the countries where we go for trade shows or fairs. Your suggestions are debated between coffees and plates of food and that is where our products are born.
7Do you make special orders & designs?

We accept proposals for spetial works, provided that the assignment is feasible and a price agreement is reached ... And that, in addition, said design does not infringe the rights of third parties. The rights of the designs owned by the applicant will always belong to him and will not be reproduced by JSCraft Ltd. except for those in which an agreement is reached between both parties. The designs developed by us will have three qualities: exclusive, shared and in property of JSCraft Ltd., for all these cases an agreement will be reached between both parties and must always be done by contract. Our designs will NEVER be ceded to third parties.
8Do you ship outside the European Union?

We ship all over the world as long as there is no risk of loss of the material sent.

Compliance with customs regulations for the introduction of our products in each country is reponsability of each customer. In no case JSCraft Ltd. will be responsible for compliance with these rules or regulations as well as the payment of the corresponding fees.

9And something else ...

Where does the light go when it´s off?
Every time it rains, it stops?