About us - ButtonPic - Botones Artesanales en Madera

Do you want to know something about us?

Each piece, each button, takes all our attention so that your work will be even more special

Who is who? Who does what?


Marcela is responsible of design & creation of products, also the painting and much more, our products have lots of love in its preparation because of her.


Horacio is in charge of computers & laser management, also preparing the raw material (sanding, basic painting and barnish), to prepare the buttons..


Alba In charge of paint & decorate by hand all our buttons giving them her unique touch of a handmade product.


Kike is an illustrator and basically, he deals with the "rare" or special orders, putting eventualy his pencils at the service of the brand.

Did you know that ... we do fairs and other events?

Yes ... Buttonpic gives as much importance to our designs, manufacture and the direct contact with the client, so throug the year we dedicate ourselves to attend different Fairs & events... For all the European geography and also international events.

Coming soon our own section of news where you can subscribe and be inform about upcoming events, meantime we leave you the link to our Facebook page where you can also see other things besides this...

  • Festival of Quilt – Birmingham, England

  • International Meeting – Alsace, France

  • Abilmente – Roma, Italy

  • Creativa – Barcelona, Spain

  • Crearte – Granada, Spain

  • Nacional de Patchwork – Madrid, Spain

  • Creativa – Madrid, Spain

  • Villa de San Mateo

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

  • Tendencias Creativas – Bilbao, Spain


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